About - Systemizr.


How can Systemizr help your business?

We’re here to help you build a scalable, saleable, self driving business that works without your constant involvement!

We provide training, tools, templates and done for you services to transform your business operations from getting your day to day work done more efficiently to skyrocketing your marketing and sales processes through planning, scheduling and automation.

Who started Systemizr?

Katrina Blake, Founder and Director of Systemizr has over 28 years experience working in and with a large variety of offline and online businesses.

As a Business Operations Coach, Katrina has credentials in Meta Dynamics (NLP), DISC (Human Behaviour Profiling) and is a Nextgile™ Business Process Agility Professional (BPA).

After being raised in a family business, Katrina has owned, worked in and systemised many businesses ranging from Trades, Engineering, Legal, Event Management, Digital Marketing Agencies, Coaches, Consultants and Service Professionals.

From real world experience Katrina can quickly help you find the holes in your operations and create a proactive approach to building systems and procedures with a world class team and leadership to reach your full business potential.

Who is Systemizr for? 

If you’re a proactive and wanting to build a better, faster, stronger business that’s fulfilling and profitable for the owners and team, then we can help you.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Build a Company Procedure Manual for how to do everything in your business
  • Create custom procedures for everything you have to do more than once
  • Get it done fast with Pre Done Procedures to plug and play and tweak as needed
  • Eliminate one person dependency where if they’re absent or leave work can’t get done well or at all!
  • Learn the easy method to creating procedures, tapping into team knowledge and outsourcing the grunt work 
  • Avoid common mistakes most business owners make in systemizing their business
  • Implement Project Management software for who is doing what by when, so recurring tasks are done on time and important tasks stop slipping through the cracks
  • Build a team that’s efficient and happy to do the work
  • Create policies and training to onboard new team members properly so they’re well trained, efficient and moving your business forward
  • Improve, plan, schedule and automate your digital marketing for more leads and sales
  • Implement the right software tools to dramatically increase your productivity
  • Know how to continuously improve your business processes and profits
  • Break free of overwhelm and daily frustrations